Basics of Lithic Technology




alar detachment: Wing-shaped separation of flake from core.

arcuate detachment: Arc-shaped detachment of flake from core.

arris: Architectural term describing intersection of two surfaces.

bulb of force: Bulbar swelling of a flake, just beyond fracture initiation.

compression waves: Particle movement waves, also known as Raleigh waves.

concentric ripples: Low amplitude waves causes by compression waves.

hard hammer: Hammer that behaves like a very stiff spring regardless of composition, typically mineral.

Hertzian cone: Fracture caused when a load collapses a cone-shaped volume below the surrounding surface.

lip detachment: Lip-like remnant of the core edge caused by bending the flake away from the core.

overhang: Cavity at the leading edge of a flake scar, where the bulb of force has been removed.

perverse fracture: Spiral fracture that starts from one edge of a flake and splits a biface.

Raleigh waves: Particle-movement or compression waves, like those associated with earthquakes.

soft hammer: Hammer that exhibits spring-like qualities regardless of composition, typically antler.