Aspects of Lithic Technology of Brittle Stone


Robert J. Patten (1944-2017)

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Lithic Technology

The study of lithic technology is remarkably poorly developed despite the fact that humans have used the craft for about a million years. This site provides some glimpses into what can be learned from experimental replication of ancient techniques. Even the most "crude" of stone implements requires the craftsman to become an integral part of the production system. Flintknapping is a popular hobby that opens a view into ancient lifeways by making and using spearpoints, arrowheads, and scrapers by the same tools and methods used by our ancestors.

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Measuring Time and Space

Investigation of fantastic chert eccentrics made by the Maya reveals numeric information coded by standard units of measurement that has been found to be inextricably tied to development of the Mayan calendar. Tracing developments back in time led to finding the same knowledge base represented in 6,000-year old Archaic mounds in Northern Louisiana. The links touch on just some of the studies underway, including the possiblity of a North American origin for the Mayan calendar.


Robert J. Patten - RIP

Robert J. Patten (1944-2017)